So, here I am, writing an entry to my brand new shiny blog.  I’m hoping I can get through a year or two before getting any dents or scratches in it.  I’m thinking that, unlike my car, my blog will get better as it ages.

The way this came about (I know you are dying to find out) is, I was laid off from my engineering job, and was unemployed for nearly a year.  After concluding that there were NO jobs in my chosen engineering field, at my skill and experience level and where I live, I took a job doing mostly clerical work in a construction office.

All the time I was unemployed I could see the handwriting on the wall; the economy is in the crapper, and all the signs I could see indicate it is not going to get better – ever.  So, being the pragmatist and future – thinking person that I am, I immediately tried to get training for a new career.  Something that wouldn’t be affected by my age, which will be 60 in April (I don’t look it – just thought you would like to know that).

I went through a lot of anger while laid off, due to the way my boss did it, kind of underhanded, stringing me along, making me think I could still have my job for a year or two, and then gradually sabotaging me until within a few months I was officially laid off.  I was suspicious he was trying to get me to quit so he wouldn’t have to pay increased unemployment benefits.  Ha, ha, you lose!  You didn’t know how much abuse I can take!

That was great.  By the way, while I was dealing with my anger about that, and about the 6 years it took me to get my BSME (while raising two kids by myself), and fighting with the unemployment office to get the benefits I was OWED, (that’s along story for another time) I found some great methods of expending my anger that would not get me arrested and thrown in jail.  Those jail cells are way too small (I hear) and too ugly.  I will be clueing you in on my preferred methods of anger management, and you may think I’m in serious need of therapy, but ha, ha to you – I’m already in therapy!  Ha, beat you to it.

So, until I figure out how to make a list of great links somewhere on this blog thing, I will clue you in on a very funny website that anyone who is unemployed, underemployed or giving up will like.  It may even make you laugh, if you still can!  Don’t let the bastards win!  That’s my credo. (Credo?  Motto?  I should look words up that I’m not sure what they mean. . . .)

Great website, you should check this out: