Ok, now to switch gears – one of my passions is alternative energy.  I am trying to think how I can make that funny, but haven’t come up with anything yet!  No reason to take life too seriously. When I can, I like to see things from odd angles.  Too much influence from Gary Larson’s Far side cartoons, I suspect.

So, I am working with a group that is developing a small, residential sized wind generator.  You can see the link to a nescant web site to the left on this blog.  We are needing start up dollars, but we will get our device up and running somehow, and in production; we are very determined.

That said, I understand that what one does with the energy produced in this manner can be problematic for those of us who are electrically challenged.  I am aware of course that homes are built to use the form of electricity that comes off the power grid, and that a small residential sized generator, whether it be solar or wind powered, is not same kind of power nor the same quantity!

However, many chose to own small gas powered generators for emergencies, and these cannot power an  entire home either. The purpose of the small wind generator that my group is developing is to supplement the electricity used by a house and to serve as a source of power for emergencies.  One of the advantages of our wind generator is that it never runs out of gas!  When you don’t need to use its power, it will charge up batteries for use when needed.

There is no “one” solution to an energy crises, however I feel that we can start with this and at least when the power goes out I can have a couple of lamps and a small electric heater along with a way to recharge my radio batteries. None of us really needs all the electricity we use anyway, but a few comfort items powered by electricity can buoy our spirits in a crises and provide for some of our needs.

In time I hope that we can all learn to simplify our lives and find ways to reduce our use of gas and  electricity.

Hang in there, remember that there is always a way out!