I’m going to start with a quotation from someone I greatly admire: “Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.”  Douglas Adams, a writer who was extremely creative and very funny.

I loved the episode in one of Adam’s Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy books (I forget which) where Arthur Dent caught a ride on a spaceship on which none of the passengers or crew knew where they were going. Many generations before when a group of ships were launched from a doomed planet, all of the people who had useless occupations such as advertising executives, phone sanitizers, and politicians, were put on one ship and sent off in some direction away from where the rest of the population were going.  When an engineer can’t get a job, but those who advertise useless stuff to people who can’t afford it are living in luxury, I get really pissed and wish we could send them off into outer space to wander aimlessly.

But I digress.  Earth Day is nearly upon us; April 22, in case you were wondering.  When I was in elementary school a teacher made a statement that I have recalled over and over through the years, and the reason I cannot forget what she said is that life has taught me the lesson that Douglas Adams noticed; people refuse to learn anything useful from each other.  My elementary school teacher said that what sets humans apart from the rest of the animals is our ability to learn from one another; we can communicate complex ideas by means of speech, writing, television, movies, the internet, cell phones.  But do we ever learn the important lessons from all this rampant communication?  Do we ever say “Hey, there is a better way to do things?

As a species we are acting the same as we did a hundred years ago; and as though there is no tomorrow; that oil and natural gas will last forever; that there is no problem with the waste from nuclear reactors, that chemicals can be created and introduced into our environment and there is no problem with that. I could go on and on, but I won’t.

My point today is to focus on non-polluting alternative energy.  Specifically wind generators.  Whether society, politicians and multi-national corporations grow a conscience and eyes to see what is happening right under their feet, we as individuals need to look out for ourselves.  In providing for our own non-polluting energy needs we will also be helping our neighbors by not contributing to the problem.

Check out our wind generators as we progress in developing a new generation of light, inexpensive and attractive generators for mounting on your home, deck or backyard.  Send us an email for additional information and to track our progress.  Donations would increase the speed at which we can be up and running with our first generation of sculpted wind power generators.

You can contact me at hamsterdreams@gmail.com

Another great quote:  “Maybe somebody should’ve labelled the future “some assembly required”. Michal Garibaldi.