Hey Technorati, here I am:  U3VSU7VREXB7 

I am working on getting myself known, am trying Technorati to list my blog.  Anyone else use it? 

It’s funny, with about 9 billion of us on the planet now, many of us feel like we are lost in the mob and we probably are.  Nevertheless we keep trying to stand out, to be unique, to be the only one like us. 

When I was a kid there was a saying going around the elementary school I was in that everyone has, somewhere on the planet, an exact duplicate – someone who looks just like you.  Geese, back then, in the early 60’s, there was probably only 6 billion people on earth (you can see I do not always do my research).

Well, with a majority of people on earth being of a different race, I’m not sure our childish theory held water but the idea was that we were not unique because there are so many of us.  Also, it had the creepy factor in there. 

So there, my thought for the day.  May I be unique and my blog stand out as one of a kind!  Yeehaaaaa . . .