I just joined an article directory, and I can’t believe the crap that is printed about women’s issues.  I just had to write something about this.  Being a woman for 60 years, I believe I have some qualifications to discuss this topic.

First, women’s periods:  Yes, this can be a pain, literally.  But taking drugs is rarely the answer.  I found a solution when I was in my 20’s (I sincerely wish I’d found out sooner) that taking calcium helped.  I thought it was silly that such a common supplement could have any effect, but it did.  It made a huge difference.  Please don’t run off to the doctor to get prescriptions for expensive drugs with creepy side effects.  Try something simple first. 

Second, menopause:  I am really pissed that so often aging, especially in women, is treated as a disease.  I guess in an extreme view it could be seen in that light as after all, aging eventually ends in death, as do many diseases.  However, if women’s aging is such a problem, why are not men’s aging symptoms heralded as the possible onset of death dealing disease and therefore they should run off to the doctor’s office to stave off the myriad horrific diseases that the symptoms might be indicating.  

Third, makeup:  To wear it, to not wear it, or to wear a minimal amount, that is the question.  If you have a job that REQUIRES you to wear makeup, maybe you should change your job.  Some researchers say some of that stuff causes cancer.  Enjoy.  Do you see any men feeling the need to wear makeup?  What is wrong with equal time here?  If men don’t need to wear it, neither do women. Think about it; how much time and money do you spend on it? 

 Fourth, high heels:  I bought into the crap about wearing high heels to ‘look good’ when I was younger, and now I have had some major surgery on one foot to correct the damage wearing that crap caused.  I cannot wear anything but big clompy sandals with orthodic inserts now, or running shoes with a nice wide toe area now.   For those women who buy into the trap of wearing those torture devices, come back when you are 50 and tell me how your feet feel.  Can you walk from one end of the shopping mall to the other without foot pain?

Fifth, the tightness of my vagina and the size of my breasts:  Please, if anyone has a problem with either of these, keep moving along, don’t stop here.  Nature, genetics and 60 years of living gave me what I have, and I’m ok with that.  I would like a more symmetrical nose, but no one seems to discuss women’s noses.