Is everyone as upset as I am about this?  I keep hearing about the human tragedy, and that is important, but not so much about the non-human life that will die as a result of the oil.  You can check out the article on Alternet about the ongoing oil spill.

It is my understanding that it may be months before this is stopped.  No one ever states another possibility, that I think of in my nightmares; they may never be able to stop it.  Did you know it is easier to build a ship to go out into space than it is to build one that will withstand the pressure at 5,000 feet under the ocean?  When I was in college we calculated the pressure on anything deep under water, but I would have to look it up now.

For us, it doesn’t really matter what the exact pressure on a hollow vessel able to contain air breathing humans is; we can’t do it, and that is the problem.  That makes it difficult to manipulate the machinery in order to stop the oil from spewing out.

In any case, what concerns me is the effect the oil is having on all the innocent, beautiful wildlife in the area; both in the ocean and along the shores that this oil will foul.  I think the CEO’s and those who made the decision to not put all possible safeguards on this well should be forced to live the rest of their lives at ground zero where the oil comes ashore, and to eat the fish and birds this stuff will kill.  I read that the land will stink from the smell of the oil and the dead birds, sea life and rotting vegetation when that starts to die.

I don’t know what the answer is; I wish I did.  How does one fight giant corporations?  I can’t even get my phone company on the line when I call; it takes several calls to get through, and just TRY to talk to a person and not a machine.  Then when you get a person they are usually speaking English with an accent and are hard to understand.

SO, my point is, how does one even tell a giant multi-national corporation that they are the scum of the earth and should be dismantled?

Really, please contact me and tell me, I want to know.  I am just a ‘hamster, a “pawn in the game of life”.  – Mel Brooks, Blazing Saddles.

Can anyone say “Alternative Energy?”