Just a note this morning to point you to my new page on road biking (thats bicycling, not the motorized type).  About 3 years ago a friend got me into long distance biking and it turns out I really love it.  Part of what makes it so great for me, is the part of the country that I live in.  Bellingham is a small town, with only about 83,000 people, and we are surrounded by small farms and rural country.  I can take off from “downtown” and in 10 minutes be out into the county. 

Another reason this is significant year for me is that I turned 60 this year.  I know many have become “old” by this age, or even some do not make it this far.  I’m enjoying my biking and hiking activities and hope to keep it up as long as possible.

Last Sunday we passed pastures with baby goats and cows, a buffalo ranch, llamas and those mini-horses, very cute.  We generally are out for a minimum of 1 1/2 hrs to 4 or 5 hours, the longer rides are on the weekends.  We work up to around 80 mile rides when getting close to the century ride dates. 

Usually, I do two century rides and then in August switch to hiking and backpacking in the high country.  It is so beautiful up above 5,000 feet; the air smells different, the trees are little alpine varieties that don’t get very tall due to the short growing season.  The views are magnificent!  In this area you can see snow capped peaks in almost any direction when you are in the Cascades.

Anyway, there ya go, that’s my story! 🙂