Watch out when the Women get Angry

Beware of Angry Women

Ok, I’m going to do a some ranting here about our “wonderful, best health care in the world”.  I lost my job in August, 2008, and along with it my health care.  I then paid an exorbitant amount of money every month out of my unemployment insurance for some useless health care insurance that only cuts in if I got hit by a bus.  When I finally got some real health insurance through my current job I decided it was time to do a “yearly” checkup, which I had not done for 3 years due to lack of insurance.

So yesterday I went for my doctor appointment.  That went ok, but now another reason for my extreme irritation came up.  I now have 4 appointments!  The way it works is, a woman goes in for her yearly checkup.  The doctor then makes a 2nd appointment for her at another location for a mammogram.  A 3rd appointment is also made for her to get blood drawn at a medical lab for cholesterol check or whatever.  A 4th appointment is also made for her to come back to the doctor to get the results of the tests.

I have no idea what all this will cost and I am not even sick.  There is no way I’m going to do this next year.  I’ll spread these tests out and do them every two years.  I don’t have time for this.  If a person has health insurance, they have a job.  If they have a job they don’t have time for all these appointments.  This could all be done in one appointment at one location, except of course for getting the results.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I HATE our American medical system.  It sucks.  It is expensive, it is inefficient, and if one is actually sick, it often kicks you out of the system. Thank god I’m not sick, knock on wood.

I keep threatening to move to France or Canada, because they have health care that makes more sense, but that would be way to disruptive to my life, and of course, all my family lives here!  Besides I don’t think I could ever speak French properly and that would be a problem.

C’est la vie!