Honey bees on the rampage

Beware the Bees

If only the bees, like all of nature could judge our human actions and punish us for the harm we do.  Unfortunately, the bees, like the pelicans, dolphins, and shrimp in the gulf, do not understand what we humans are doing to them and their habitat.  Check out the article about the bee crash and escape at: http://www.wlky.com/irresistible/23659671/detail.html

I would not have wanted to be stuck in that traffic jam.  I’m pretty sure bees can get into a car even with the windows rolled up.  The link to the article above describes the accident, and the link below is another article on our disappearing bees.  We need to treat nature and all her creatures with more respect, if we want to continue our species on this planet.

Another article on the disappearing honey bees:  http://townipproject09.wikispaces.com/Disappearance+of+Honey+Bees

Don’t get me started on the horror that is going on in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Hang in there, there is no other earth for us, we have to save this one.

Your Hamster 🙂