I got a kick out of reading the article “Wray: The Great Depression and the Revolution of 2017” on the website “Naked Capitalism”.  It made me laugh, because I think the chances of it happening are non-existant, but in my opinion, it would be awesome if it did.  It’s about a 2 or 3 page fantasy about the United States with Dennis Kucinich as president.  The author has Kucinich sending the Marines to invade Goldman Sachs, the Bushes are residing in a “heavily guarded compound” in Saudi Arabia, universal job guarantees and debt cancellation for all Americans.  There is lots more, but you should go read it, it is great.


What I found surprising, although maybe I shouldn’t, is that so many of the comments on this fictional article were ridiculing it.  If you are so hard hearted as to believe that providing living wage jobs and health care for everyone and holding corporations accountable for their actions is a bad idea, you should also read a non fiction book by Joe Bageant, called Deer Hunting with Jesus, in which he describes what our countries economic and educational policies have done to our country and too many of our citizens.

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