I had a great 102 mile ride on Saturday organized by the SWAN organization. I copied some text from their website into this blog that explains what they do with donated funds:

Benefiting SWAN (Serving Women Across Nations) a local humanitarian organization dedicated to serving the needs of women and children in developing countries. Entry fees from the ride go to educate children and provide microcredit (small loans to women) in Kenya and Bolivia.  Visit www.swanforhumanity.org to view pictures and learn more.  SWAN is a 501 c 3 organization.  SWAN’s volunteer staff insures that all proceeds from the “SWAN Century and Family Fun Ride” get to the people in need.

The weather cooperated, with one of the few non-rainy days this spring!  It was warm and sunny, with minimal winds most of the ride.  I had come down with a cold and was trying to decide if it was wise to do this ride or not, right up to the moment I got on my bike.

I decided I would start out and if I felt too wiped out, I would just turn around and go back to my car.  Well, I felt fine the whole ride, and so just kept going until I had done the whole thing!  I still can’t believe it.  102 total miles and averaged 16.5 mph.  Gorgeous scenery, from the Skagit river to the Sound. They serve awesome cookies at all the rest stops, too, my personal favorite.

A couple hours after I got home, my cold kicked in full blast and I could hardly get off the couch for about a day.  However, it was the cold, not the ride!  I am so glad I took the chance and went.  It rained again on Sunday, so we really lucked out on the weather.  Amazing, astonishing, awesome!  🙂