When I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, the only sports my high school had for girls were tennis and swimming.  I sucked at tennis and I never could get the breathing thing down right in swimming and I always felt I was going to drown myself.  I wanted to be in cross country running, which I even did on my own for the 3 years I was in high school.

I also wanted very much to take auto shop and woodshop, but it was against the law for schools to admit girls to those classes.  God forbid I should know what is wrong with my car when I take it into the mechanics, or I guess building a bookshelf would make me grow hair on my chest.

Now those conservative idiots in the Republican party have hypocritically gotten a bunch of rich women to run for office and we are supposed to believe that they give a crap about single moms or any working women.  I was on the sidelines during the 70’s feminist era, but I cheered them on in my thoughts.  What nincompoop doesn’t believe that two people doing the same job should get paid the same? 

There was so much discrimination against women it is apparently impossible for women who came along later to imagine.  I had a job right out of high school in a print shop in Seattle.  ALL of the women who worked there had jobs feeding the machines that took sections of magazines or books and bound them together.  It was a difficult job, as you had to keep up with the machine, and had to yell quickly to the mechanic when the machine jammed, which it did fairly often.  If you didn’t yell quick enough, the machine would jam worse and the mechanic (male) would yell at you for your shortcomings.

There was a guy who drove a forklift around and picked up the bundles of book sections and brought them to us.  It required no physical effort; he sat on the machine all day and waited for us to yell for another case of book sections.  I asked the supervisor if I could try out for that job, and he said “We only hire men for that job”.  I have been pissed ever since; partly because I ran into this attitude many times after that initial introduction into “the way things are”.

Now, we are supposed to be grateful that the idiot Republicans (sorry, I cannot say the “R” word without a negative adjective in front) have run some rich women for public office and they seem to be winning.  I’m sorry, did I miss something here?  I’m not stupid.  I am fully aware that people in power can run shills who will do their dirty work for them as fronts, while the real power is pulling the strings in the background. 

Also, anyone who is rich as God is highly unlikely to give a flying fuck about women who have to deal with paying for daycare, what in hell to do when the kids are sick (daycare has no provisions for sick kids), the price of gas is up to $4.00 a gallon and you don’t have enough money to pay the rent, or buy food and gas. 

My kids are grown now, and I went through enough to have empathy for working moms.  Ok, maybe I have gotten off the track with my personal experiences, but with the federal government and our states running out of money, the first thing these rich women (and men) do is cut any spending that benefits working women (and men) and children.

Check out this article in The Nation by Betsy Reed, published June 16: http://www.thenation.com/article/mama-grizzlies-working-moms-drop-dead  I used daycare when I was putting myself through college to get my engineering degree.  I paid for it with most of my student loans.  I have repaid all of the money too.  It would have made life easier if there were government programs to help with daycare costs.  But there weren’t.  There rarely are.

Ok, back to the fake feminists on the Republican ticket, Betsy Reed makes these comments about the Californian, Fiorina: “The new GOP women are at the front of the fiscal conservative pack. Fiorina, for example, signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge put out by Americans for Tax Reform, promising as a US senator to oppose any new taxes on California citizens or businesses—this when the state desperately needs federal help to close its $19.1 billion deficit and is poised to slash daycare, welfare, public school, and drug treatment programs and services for the poor.”

I don’t know why the Repubs are so dead set against helping the poor, since they work so hard to make more of them with their fiscal policies.  CUT THE MILITARY BUDGET!  Everyone knows the worst waste and overspending is in the Pentagon.  Reduce military spending, end a few wars, and we would have more than enough money to cover social programs. While I’m talking about where to get the money, how about taxing the filthy rich?  I’m never going to have a billion dollars in my bank account, and who needs thatmuch money anyway?  Can they eat a billion dollars worth of hamburgers?  Can they sleep in 10,000 beds?  (How many beds would a billion dollars buy . . . hmm)

Remember the French Revolution!

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