Bee population in dangerous decline

Bee population in dangerous decline

Uh, oh, I’ve been reading articles on the BBC News again.  Over there they are aware of the loss of our leading pollinators that are responsible for our having food to eat.  I feel I should put all of this in capital letters.  The human species cannot feed itself without the help of millions of bees.  These little guys (gals) work tirelessly speeding around from flower to flower, and due their efforts we get FOOD. 

These little guys are in alarming decline due to many things we are doing to the earth that is killing them.  According to the BBC article, there are too many pesticides and too much destruction of natural environment.  Personally, and I am no scientist, although I am able to think logically, I suspect all the cell phone waves, radio waves and other forms of electronic communication may be wreaking havoc with their ability to navigate.

The article is at: _environ ment/10371300.stm

In the article, “Professor Watkinson said there was no single factor that could explain the pollinators’ decline. There’s a whole range of agriculture and land use, disease, environmental change [and] pesticides.  To tackle a complex problem like the decline of pollinating insects, where there are a number of potential causes, requires wide-ranging research. For some species, such as bumblebees, the decline was “catastrophic”, he added.”

Lest you should think that this is only a problem in the UK, it is not.  I have written in this blog about the same problem here in the USA.

Another article on bees disappearance, causes and results to humans is found at:

So, what will happen if/when the bees are extinct?  I think we should think about that, since we are so hell bent on eliminating them through our ignorance and arrogance.  (The apparantly limitless belief that technology will solve any problem.)  Another article from the UK discusses “Why Bees Matter” (or, in other words, why we NEED them) and brings out that they are disapearing from all around the world:

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