Sometime after the oil disaster in the Gulf, I got to wondering if it was possible for some of the oil on the surface of the ocean to evaporate with the water.  As we all know, that is how we get rain; water on the surface of the oceans evaporates, forms clouds and eventually falls as rain over the land and sea.  With all that oil floating on the surface I had wondered if it could evaporate with the water and fall with the rain? 

I searched the internet and could not find any information on this.  Well, guess what is on the internet this morning; pictures of the “rain” in Louisiana, which is full of you guessed it, oil. Check out the video by Daniela Perdomo, a staff writer and editor at AlterNet:

We are screwed. Thanks a lot BP, may you burn in hell, you and all your CEO’s and prostitute engineers.
With that thought for the day, remember these cheery words:  The Answer to the Great Question Of…..Life, the Universe and Everything…..(is) Forty-two.

    Douglas Adams quotes (British comic Writer, 19522001)

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