Hi there.  My 2 year old cat seemed to be really bored since I got a job (not engineering, just a lowly paid office job, which I was lucky to get).  I felt guilty about leaving her alone so much.

She runs around and scratches on the furniture when I first get home, which I really do not want her to do.  She has 2 scratching posts plus a cardboard thing that lays flat on the floor that is for cat clawing.  As far as I can tell, she only scratches the furniture when I get home, to get my attention, because the furniture is not shredded at all; it looks fine.  And yes, I gave her my attention before she started doing this, but then she started it pretty early in our relationship, so I’m a little fuzzy on that.

So, everyone kept telling me I should get another cat to keep her company when I am out.  So yesterday after work I picked up this little 7 week old fuzzball that I think is really cute.  Well, my killer cat with whom I used to have what I would call a really good relationship now hates my guts and won’t let me pet her and hisses and spits at the kitten.  If the kitten gets too close my older cat swats her with what I’m pretty sure is claws extended.  Because of the way my older cat acts around the fuzzball I thought it was wise to put the little guy in a seperate room while I’m at work.  He has a toy, food and water and mild, a litter box and I gave him the carboard scratching thingy.  He seemed to want to sharpen his claws on the rug, so the cardboard thing seemed like the best bet for now for claw damage control.

I’m pretty disappointed.  I was hoping that the worst would be my cat would mope around a few days and avoid me and the kitten and then finally warm up to it or at least stop smacking the little guy around.  Well, its only been 12 hours.  I don’t want to live with 2 warring cats, so I hope this thing works out between them.  I could smack my friends who thought this was a good idea.