Soooo, today is day 3 for the new kitty.  He seems ok, is running around more freely and checking the place out.  I have a pretty big house, so there’s lots of room to run.  He’s learned to stay away from the queen cat, an important safety issue for the squirt.

Cleo, the ruler of the house is showing some curiosity and actually comes over to fuzzball and looks at him a bit before stalking off in disgust or spitting at him.  Thats an improvement.  I’m not foolish enough to leave the kitty out where Cleo can get him while I’m at work though, I’m still imprisoning the little guy in the bathroom during the day.  He has food, water, milk, toys, a fuzzy blanket, litter box and the requisite scratch thingy for clawing. 

I’m seeing another side to my 2 year old cat, but I’ve had cats before; I’ve never had 2 at the same time though so am working my through this in the dark, trying to use common sense to solve/ prevent problems, sigh.