Is anyone else out there as creeped out as I am about this?  I have been reading an article here and there about this place for a couple of years.  Its really called the Doomsday Seed Vault; it is located inside of a mountain on a Norwegian island.

The vault is said to contain seeds from 525,000 crop varieties and was constructed to protect the worlds food supplies from total destruction in the event of a nuclear war or some other world wide catastrophe.

Depending on who is writing about it, it is either proof that the agri-business multi-national corporations that have given us frankenfood (ie-gene spliced gmo’s) are aware that their agrigultural mega farmed monocultures will one day bring about the destruction of food crops and therefore we must preserve natural seeds so we can start over on that day, or what?  

I don’t know, I just think it is creepy that governments and/or individuals with mega-bucks feel that this sort of thing is necessary.  I sort of agree with them, but then I just like a backup plan for pretty much everything, thats just my style. 

Creeped out hamster