Yes, it is true. I have actually started tearing out the old rotten deck.  I thought I’d include some pictures of the process for proof.  I have been nervous about starting this project, for fear I would chicken out or get sick or something and not be able to finish it.  I grabbed hold of my courage and just started in.  I thought it would be prudent to not try to work all day on it in order to avoid possibly injuring myself.  I thought 2 hours at a time was enough.  Check out my photos and see what I did in 2 hours yesterday.

7-13-10 Demo1

7-13-10 Demo1

7-13-10 Demo2

First day deck demo 2nd photo.

This part of the deck is against the bank and the end is actually sitting on concrete blocks that are themselves sitting on the bank.  Part of the joists here are rotten.  I suspect that rain running down the rock face just soaks into these joists and whether they were treated or not, just could not last long under those conditions.  However, parts of this deck are 32 years old.  Don’t know how long pressure treated wood is supposed to last, but I suspect this is long past it’s expected life.

It’s fun seeing what is under the deck show up in the light!  I love big rocks and trees.  What can I say, I am weird – it is a connection to nature though, that I think more of us should have.  I knew approximately what the underside of the deck is like, as I have walked around under there, but the ground slopes up sharply from the house to the outer edge of the deck on the bank, and I couldn’t see very well in some areas.  It looks great.  I’m not going to replace the entire deck; I like to see the rock face and I will be leaving much of it exposed and plant a few things that don’t mind the shade there.  I will keep you informed as the project goes along.

Boy, this is just as much work as I thought it would be.  It’s more fun than I thought though!  I know, I have a weird concept of fun.

Hardworking hamster 🙂