Has anyone else seen Chris Hedges latest article in Truthdig, “Calling All Future-Eaters”?  http://truthdig.com/report/item/calling_all_future-eaters_20100719

In his article titled “Calling All Future-Eaters”, Chris Hedges quotes from several scientists such as Tim Flannery (biologist) and Jay Zwally (NASA scientist), along with authors Clive Hamilton (“Requiem for a Species: Why we resist the truth about climate change”) to support his argument that unless we do something drastic, right now, the human species is headed directly off the cliff with the suicidal lemmings.

“In the past when civilizations went belly up through greed, mismanagement and the exhaustion of natural resources, human beings migrated somewhere else to pillage anew. But this time the game is over. There is nowhere else to go.”

“We view ourselves as rational creatures. But is it rational to wait like sheep in a pen as oil and natural gas companies, coal companies, chemical industries, plastics manufacturers, the automotive industry, arms manufacturers and the leaders of the industrial world, as they did in Copenhagen, take us to mass extinction? It is too late to prevent profound climate change.”

“We have fallen prey to the illusion that we can modify and control our environment, that human ingenuity ensures the inevitability of human progress and that our secular god of science will save us. The “intoxicating belief that we can conquer all has come up against a greater force, the Earth itself,” Hamilton writes. “The prospect of runaway climate change challenges our technological hubris, our Enlightenment faith in reason and the whole modernist project. The Earth may soon demonstrate that, ultimately, it cannot be tamed and that the human urge to master nature has only roused a slumbering beast.””

“We face a terrible political truth. Those who hold power will not act with the urgency required to protect human life and the ecosystem. Decisions about the fate of the planet and human civilization are in the hands of moral and intellectual trolls such as BP’s Tony Hayward. These political and corporate masters are driven by a craven desire to accumulate wealth at the expense of human life.”

I am trying very hard to resist the urge to just copy Chris Hedges entire article.  It is so profound and so accurate.  It will probably be a slap in the face for those who believe that no matter what comes our way, science will save us; or God will.  I happen to believe that neither will.  I haven’t noticed God stepping in and helping anyone on any large scale in my 60 years of life, and time has only shown me that science can and is abused horribly, to our grief.  How many people do you know who have died of cancer?  How many have alzheimers?  Are there any songbirds left in your city neighborhoods?  When I was a child we had robins in Seattle; now there is only pidgeons, crows and starlings.  I know that is a small point, but I know you all know of the far worse environmental holocaust in the Gulf, and more like it in Africa where the corporations kill the earth and the people to get more oil.

Read Chris Hedges article.  He doesn’t say how we can fight the giant corporations and the governments though.  Some of the psychos who have committed atrocitites in America actually thought their actions would be a call to arms to rise up against the powers that they felt were destructive to citizens.  The book I am thinking about is by Mark Ames and is titled “Going Postal: “Rage, Murder and Rebellion – From Reagan’s Workplaces to Clinton’s Columbine and Beyond”.

So, how does a reasonable, rational and caring person rise up against the earth-wide destruction the corporations are causing and the governments are allowing to occur?

Concerned hamster