Ok, I know the deck demo and the Gulf disaster are hardly in the same category, its just that I cannot get the Gulf out of my mind, and I am currently working on the deck thing. Sorry about linking the two here, I can’t seem to help myself.

Hey, I have noticed that the most visits to my blog are for the two articles that are titled “Revenge of the Bees” and “Revenge of Nature”.  What is up with that?  I don’t know where you-all are coming from, but I do understand the urge for revenge these days. 

I sometimes wish that I believed in a life-after-death hell, for people like the BP oil executives who allowed the Gulf disaster to happen by their greed for profits beyond all reality and their cheap way of operating their drilling rigs.  People died because of them and more will die due to the pollution they are causing, not to mention the thousands of dolphins, fish, birds and all the tiny creatures that make our earth a living thing.

It would be great if they could at least lose some sleep over it, but I suspect they are sociopaths, something on the order of serial killers, who have no conscience and in fact do not see their victims as human beings.

Ok, sorry for combining two topics in one article.  I suppose it is violating some blog rule, but I started out to update you-all on my deck demo and just couldn’t forget the horrible things going on in the Gulf.

On the more happy story of my deck reno, here is a picture documenting the status of the old rotten decks demise. Sorry, the picture ended up in the wrong paragraph and I moved it, but it doesn’t seem happy with it’s new location.  I’m working on my blogging skills.  I’m getting better.Documentation of my deck removal

Anyway, this weekend I used a Sawzall to cut up my deck.  It looks like a huge saw to me, but I was able to use it ok and was very happy with the results.  Demolition is still ongoing as you can see.  Today I will make another run to the dump, the back of my pickup is full of cutup decking.  I like being able to see the moss and fern covered rocks behind my house now; the old deck had some ugly fencing that pretty much blocked it.  Looking forward to the new deck and new path to the upper backyard!

Happy hardworking hamster