Yeah, I know more than 4 days have passed since I started the demolition, but I have actually worked on it four times.  Heres the latest pics: 

Deck Demolition, day 4, East side of deck

East side of deck

You can see that I removed boards closer to the bank first, then decided to start working on the side against the house. 

The problem is, the screws and nails that were used to attach decking are a mixture of rusted and with damaged heads so I can’t remove any with a reversing drill.  So I have been prying the boards up.  This requires having something to push my crowbar against, as in the board next to the one being pulled up.  When I get to a board that doesn’t have another next to it, it is a real struggle to remove.

This picture shows my next problem to resolve; its all a “learning experience”.  I have been cutting the joists behind the metal support brackets, rather than trying to remove the screws.  But here I need to remove the brackets because I have to keep the joist that is attached to the house to recieve new joists and brackets.  I have borrowed a reversing drill and am hoping that this goes well . . .

The new deck will be far simpler than the one I am removing.  I much prefer simple clean lines with as little complicated details as possible.  It’s exciting to see the bank that is coming to light underneath the deck.  I will not be replacing any stairs, as the bank will make a great path to the upper backyard.  Simplify!  Its great.

Hardhat hamster