This guy must have just run out of unemployment benefits

This guy must have just run out of unemployment benefits

I just had to plug my link to the Demotivation website.  Those guys are brilliant.  Get a load of this logic, from their website:

“In this revolutionary new management book, Despair, Inc. founder Dr. E.L. Kersten plumbs the depths of employee discontent and identifies its root cause. Though most employees live lackluster lives full of wasted opportunities and trivial accomplishments, they grow ever more certain of their enormous worth and glorious destinies. This is because they are the products of a narcissistic age, the results of a grand social experiment that has gone terribly awry. As a result, they are afflicted with an irrational sense of entitlement that simultaneously increases their dissatisfaction with their jobs and prevents them from accepting responsibility for their lives. Thus, in a terrible irony, managers who attempt to motivate employees by bolstering their self-esteem have only compounded the problem. By reinforcing the delusions of grandeur that imprison and torture the average worker, management has only further reinforced their sense of entitlement to the wealth, stature and privilege that justice dictates be reserved for the truly accomplished and inarguably worthy: namely, Executives.”

This picture, also from their website, tells it all.  For anyone who has been unemployed for a long time and who is smart enough to know the job prospects are exceedingly thin, these guys are hilarious.  I know that what I have learned from my years of work experience, in which I started out willing to work unpaid overtime and work my ass off for 8 or more hours even skipping lunch to get more work done, is that I was stupid to think my employers gave a crap abut me or would show any loyalty to me due my hard work and diligence.  As soon as the bottom line dipped a bit, I was kicked out the door.  Compensation package?  I got about 2 hours notice to clean out my desk and don’t let the door smack me in the behind on my way out. 

If I had been a lazy faker on the job it would have worked out about the same.  In fact, all the time I was unemployed I saw all around me people who were either incompetent, lazy or stupid who had good jobs and were obviously being paid to do them.  I have concluded that the only people who have good paying jobs anymore must be related to their employers or are blackmailing them, probably due to some bedroom type indiscretions.

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