Ok, I got tired of saying “deck demolition”, it is so boring and is becoming repetetive.  I looked it up, yes I have both a paperback dictionary and can look stuff up on the online thesauraus.  Razing means “to tear down; demolish; level to the ground”  Here’s an update photo, taken last night:

Most of the decking has been removed here

One Last strip of decking to go

I have a truckload of cut up decking and railings that I will be taking to the dump (ie – transfer station/ recycle station) today after work.  This time I also have some big car parts that the previous owner of this house left, thanks a lot, jerk.  They are big parts that look like they came from underneath a truck.  They were hidden under the deck and I didn’t even know they were there for several years and when I did notice them, I left them because they were so heavy and I didn’t have a truck then.

So, for the deck:  I’ve been slacking somewhat due to training for the last major bike ride, but that is over and now I’ll be concentrating on getting the deck done.  One more picture from yesterday: 

So, my third trip to the dump occurs tonight, then I will continue with pulling up the decking.  I will be removing the section of joists at the far end first, as I’ve noticed that that section is almost ready to fall off from the rest of the deck when I was pulling boards up. 

The deck consits of three sections, the end sections were built at the same time as the house, about 1978; the biggest part of the deck was built sometime after, I don’t know when.  It is the ends that are really falling apart, but some of the middle section decking is rotten as well.  I think those boards were not pressure treated lumber and so have been decaying at a faster rate than the origional stuff.

Well, so there you are for now.  Will keep you informed!

One of my favorite comedians, George Burns:  “When I was young I was called a rugged individualist. When I was in my fifties I was considered eccentric. Here I am doing and saying the same things I did then and I’m labeled senile.”  I gotta tell you, as a person who just turned 60, this joke was a lot funnier when I was 50.  But I love George Burns, so enjoy.   “It’s hard for me to get used to these changing times. I can remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty.”
(Just you and me Kid, 1979)

Hardhat hamster 🙂