Worked on the deck for 2 hours yesterday after my minimal pay day job that makes me do this myself because I can’t afford to hire someone else to do it.  I cut up a lot of the long deck boards that I have piled up alongside the house from previous days of demolition.  Last night I removed the small set of steps that are opposite the dining room sliding glass doors.

It was harder than I thought it would be.  So much of this deck is kinda wobbly and rotten,  you would think the boards and steps would come apart easily, but they just don’t want to give it up. Or as Murphys law says, “If anything can go wrong it will.”

Small set of steps up to the bank are now demo'd

Small steps against bank are now gone

And the extension of that law is what I fear the most: “It will be all your fault, and everyone will know it. ”  I hate to look bad in front of others. I try to pre-emptively spread the blame by telling people I’m getting advice from experts, and I have friends who are going to help me, so when something goes wrong I can at least place part of the blame on someone else, but then I usually get “that look” and I know they are not falling for it, sigh.  Life is hard.

However, I will not give up, and this deck will be totally torn down and rebuilt.  It will look great and I will love it.  Ya like that?  Positive thinking.  I can think positively, I just choose not too most of the time.

Murphy’s laws are great.  Here are some more:

“Nothing is as easy as it looks.”

“Everything takes longer than you think.”

“Everything takes longer than it takes.”

“Whenever you set out to do something, something else must be done first.”

Ha, ha.  I am stepping carefully now on the deck, as there is very little decking left and about 5 1/2 feet to fall if I miss-step.  Will keep you updated as to the progress!

Hardhat hamster.