Bees, they fertilize our food crops

Bees, we need them

No, the bees aren’t killing us, in spite of some of the killer bee articles you may have seen in recent years.  But we are killing off in large numbers a part of nature that directly impacts how much food we get to eat.

In spite of all the fertilizers, bad bug killing pesticides, GMO crops and diesel powered tractors that have been able so far, to increase crop yields to unprecedented quantities, it is all for nothing if we do not have the humble bee to kamikaze our crops to fertilize them.  I admit that I’m no bee biologist, but I get the concept, as anyone who thinks can.

The Ecologist website published an article on August 5, 2010 titled “Growing body of evidence links pesticides to bee decline”.  We ignore these signs of distress from nature and the planet at our peril, people.

“Environmental groups including the Soil Association and Buglife are making a renewed call for an end to the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, which are among the most commonly used pesticides worldwide, after a new study linked them to a decline in bee populations.”

“The study, published in the journal Toxicology, says the effects on bees of two particular neonicotinoid pesticides, known as imidacloprid and thiacloprid, have previously been underestimated and may explain the decline in bee populations.”

“It says even low concentrations of the pesticides may be more deadly than previously thought due to their high persistence in soil and water, supporting claims for the role that pesticides may play in bee deaths.”

Surprise, surprise, not all governments are going to ban these pesticides.  Personally, I believe there are several causes of bee population decline, which may make it harder to prove that one particular chemical or group of chemicals are the culprit.  I suspect that the great amount of electronic transmissions (cell phone signals, microwave transmissions, TV signals, satellite transmissions of all sorts), we are sending through the air are ‘one’ cause, loss of habitat, stress to the bees due to putting their hives in trucks and shipping them hundreds of miles to fertilize crops.  Not to mention the crops themselves – what effect do GMO crops have on bees?

There are at least nine new studies researching the causes of bee decline. I hope we learn the causes and implement the solutions before it is too late.

Bee loving hamster