Poooffff!  I am leaving tomorrow for Seattle, then off to SeaTac on Tuesday early to catch a plane.  You want to know what has been happening ever since I bought my tickets?  Well, here goes anyway:

First, the water line to my house broke. My brother and a young helper came on Friday to dig where the plumber said he needed holes for his plumber work.  My brother dug some great holes, but none of us could find the pipe where it goes under the house.  I have a slab on grade house, and we can see where the pipe comes up through the floor in the garage, but did not find the pipe outside near the house in our holes.  The soil there is full of rocks and is VERY hard.  We stabbed it repeatedly with a big crowbar and then dug up the dirt and rocks that broke loose, but the plumber will have to do the final digging.

My brother did a great job digging around the giant roots of a big fir tree that is growing right next to the driveway and the water meter hole.  Some of those roots are as big around as a tree themselves.

Anyway, the cat sitter is all ready, the plumber is set up with a spare house key and everything.  I had to coordinate with the painter, as the only lockable (with a key) door into this house is the front door, and the painter has to paint the porch while I am gone.  This would make it impossible for the cat sitter to get into the house for 24 hours while the paint is wet.

So this morning I gave her my ONLY garage door opener so she can use that to get in when the painter has the deck covered in wet paint.

The back deck is really fragile now, since I have removed almost all of the decking and the only thing left is the joists and a few boards to walk to the far end of the deck.  This means that the very rotten portion of the deck does not have as much material keeping it attached to the more solid part of the deck.  It is pretty wobbly now out there.  I will begin cutting out the joists as soon as I get back.

Oh, and on the subject of things going wrong, my vacuum cleaner quit on me this morning.  Its just dead.  It looks like the motor died on me.  All I can say, is “Whatever!”

Remember the words of Murphy:

  • Anything you try to fix will take longer and cost you more than you thought.
  • If you fool around with a thing for very long you will screw it up.
  • If it jams – force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.

The hamster knows.