So, I did actually make it to the airport and am now sitting at my sons laptop computer in South Carolina.  The AC is great here, and the weather outside is kinda hot – hovering around 90 and feels really humid.  Its ok though, I’m enjoying it.  Its kinda funny, when I walk out of the air conditioned house into the backyard, my glasses immediatly fog up.  Pretty funny, actually. In the Pacific Northwest that only happens in the winter when you come IN from the cold into a warm house. 

I can hear lots of crickets at night and my son said sometimes the frogs are pretty loud at night.  I love frogs! 

Today I went to a local park to see the turles and big fish swimming around and just to hang out in nature.  It rained really hard for about an hour and then stopped.  Also, very different from my home town where it tends to rain very lightly for weeks on end.  Heh, heh.  Is ok, I like it.  It’s fine here too, I was thinking, “At least I won’t get hypothermia here!”  Not when its 90 and its raining.  

Just a note:  There are NO DRIVE THRU COFFEE stands here. In fact, you can’t get coffee unless you go into a restaruant and buy a cup.  I’m speechless, what can I say?  Too hot for coffee?

OOOhhh, and my granddaughter is mega cute!  I will get some pics of her when I can transfer them from my camera to the computer. 

The traveling hamster 🙂