Hey all: Yesterday my son, granddaughter and I visited Savannah, Port Royal today. We walked along the riverfront in Savannah, I think it was about 90 degrees with about 95% humidity.  It was ok!  I was surprised. We checked out some touristy places and had some ice cream.  I ate some kinda hot chicken barbecue, it was ok,  but a bit hot for me. 

South Carolina road

South Carolina Road

Today we walked through Huntington Island Park and checked out the beach and the lighthouse!  My mom grew up in Washington state lighthouses, this one was very tall – about 100 feet.  Washington’s lighthouses aren’t so tall.  We saw lots of little fenced areas where the turtles lay their eggs and then people go out and put little fences around them so people won’t walk over them.  Wish I could see the little turtles hatch and make their dash for the sea.  There are lots of wildlife here – beautiful white cranes, lots of turtles, deer, and my son said they catch lots of shrimp here.

Oh, and my granddaughter is very cute!

Hasta luego, the rambling hamster