So, yesterday we took the munchkin to a movie at the marine airforce base theater – my son being a navy medic. We saw “The Apprentice”  it was really good.  Excellent story and I liked the actors. I thought portraying the apprentice as a nerdy scientist type was a nice touch.  The plot moved along without any boring part.

There were a couple of lapses like when the nerdy apprentice’ girlfriend was told she had to climb a tower and knock out the antennae dish at the top.  They had set her character up as afraid of heights, so when she just said “uh, ok” and did it without any real hesitation I was thinking, really? But it was an excellent movie all in all, and I think I might even buy it to watch several more times.

Our trip a few days earlier took us to Hunting Island Park which is on the coast and has a great old lighthouse.  I climbed to the top, which is about 100 feet. The lighthouse is made of steel plates on the outside and has several layers of brick inside the steel plates. It is not operating now, but is maintained for tourists.  My mom grew up living at 5 different lighthouses on the Washington coast, so I am always interested in them.  Her dad was a lighthouse keeper; they kept moving him as the lighthouses became automated and didn’t need a keeper and his family living on the premises.

Hunting Island Lighthouse, SC

Hunting Island Lighthouse, South Carolina

We saw a little furry critter that was real close to the boardwalk, but we could not identify him because of all the grasses.  We think he was some kind of fox, but he didn’t really look like the foxes and coyotes I’ve seen in Washington.  Anyway, he was really ignoring us; very intent on something, probably eating those little crabs. 

Son & granddaughter at marsh

Son & granddaughter at marsh

So, we walked out on this boardwalk that crossed a marsh along the coast.  The whole coast of SC seems to be covered with these marshy areas that go way out in shallow waters.  Lots of long bridges for the highways, linking the solid land that is broken up by all the marshes.  Millions of tiny crabs inhabit the muddy bottoms of these marshes; and lots of birds and other wildlife eat the crabs. 

Ok, well, thats it for now.  Off to do a little reconnoitering on my own today.  I bought a map yesterday so hopefully won’t get lost.

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