Hey: So . . . AFTER I got back from SC, I thought I’d look up poisonous snakes of South Carolina.  After all, when I was walking around in the grass on the cool old restored civil war era plantation, wondering why no one else was out there looking for wildlife, I remember thinking that this seemed like the perfect climate for possibly large snakes.

I come from the Pacific Northwest, and the only snakes we have are little gartner snakes, they are not poisonous and are only about the thickness of a pencil and maybe up to a foot long.  I used to play with them when I was a kid.  But I have been to the eastern side of the state, which has a very different climate from my side of the mountains.  They have pretty big rattlesnakes, with which I have had a few narrow escapes.

So, anyways I looked up snakes of SC after getting back and no surprise, there are SIX poisonous snakes, all of which were probably lurking about when I was doing my walkabout on the ‘ol plantation.  The really funny thing is, they had signs everywhere telling you about the great birds and other wildlife you could sight there (none of which I saw, sigh), but no comment at all about maybe you should look out for snakes.

SC Restored Civil War Mansion

SC Restored Civil War Mansion

This is a picture of the cool old civil war era mansion that I visited and did not get snake – bit at.  Just so you know, the 6 poisonous snakes are: Eastern Diamondback, Timber and Carolina Pygmy Rattlesnake, Copperhead, Cottonmouth and Eastern Coral Snake.

Here’s a few SC snake pictures to creep you out:


Copperhead Snake, which I did NOT see.

Cottonmouth Snake

Cottonmouth Snake

I was careful during my walk along the dike; I found a stick and whacked the grass ahead of me as I walked.  I probably would have taken the walk even if I knew for sure about the snakes, but I would have walked slower and gotten a longer stick!

Snakes probably love hamsters – luckily hamster is only my nickname, I’m not really a snake lunch-sized real hamster.

Grateful to be a poisonous-snake-free Washington hamster!