BP Oil Disaster Cartoon
BP Oil Disaster Cartoon

Hey you-all!  Wouldn’t it just be great if the wildlife could get their revenge on the BP Oil execs who killed off so many of their relatives?  It would be so awesome; I can see it now – every time an oil executive walks outside their air conditoned office to their air conditioned limousine or their executive jet the birds would swoop down and cover their $1,000 suits and $500 haircuts in bird poop.  That would be so great.

“Don’t get mad, get even.”
Robert F. Kennedy
The hamster can dream, right?
If you want to inform yourself and get depressed at the same time, read an article from The Ecologist on the oil disaster in the Gulf. Did you know that nearly 2 million gallons of dispersants have been dumped on the waters of the gulf, along with the approximately 200 millions of gallons of crude oil?
Lest you should feel good that there are tiny creatures that eat the oil, the dispersants (and the oil itself) will be affecting the entire chain of life that feeds on the tiny plankton that eat the oil – in case you hadn’t thought of that, that includes you.
“Tiny droplets of combined oil and dispersant adhere to plankton, says Dr Susan Shaw, founder and director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI). The plankton-eaters then indiscriminately gobble up the tainted particles while fish-eaters consume the poisoned plankton eaters, and so on through the marine food web.”

Bon Appetite; as for me, I am greatly curtailing my intake of seafood.

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