Yeah! I have all of the decking, beams and joists down!  Now I have at least one more trip to the recycle station.

Where the deck used to be.
Decking all removed.
With the deck gone, ladder required to use this door!
With the deck gone, ladder required to use this door!

You can see that the deck was actually a ramp from the house to the back yard, which is significantly higher in elevation than the front yard.  I’m finding this job very rewarding, especially since I did manage to get all of the deck down without injury to myself!  I was kind of concerned that I might break a leg or fall on a rusty nail (yes, I do have my tetnus shots up to date). 

I was very careful, especially toward the last part of the deck removal, as it turned out to be the most rotten. 
I think I talked about this in a previous blog, but it was pretty hairy, feeling the deck bounce a little as I walked on it.  When I got off the deck and worked from the ground and a ladder, cutting through the rotten joists with a sawzall, the joists in this area literally fell apart before the saw cut through them. 
Pretty scary when you consider I was walking on this stuff.  I knew it was really ready to be removed, but figured that since everything was nailed and screwed together it would all have to fall before any portion of it collapsed.  I guess I was right, in any case, it held together until I went at it with my saw!
More to come soon on building the new decks!
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