Well, so I don’t have enough to do; working 40 hours a week, demolishing and rebuilding my deck, taking care of my elderly mom, and managing my diet to (hopefully) avoid getting diabetes type II.  Oh, and have I mentioned in this blog anywhere that I go to the gym at least 4 days a week? 

Way back when I went back to college (1987) I vacillated between accounting and engineering, and ultimately chose engineering.  Not such a great choice, as now I cannot get a job in mechanical engineering in my specialty, HVAC. 

So, I’m going to switch paths at this point and I’m going for accounting.  I figure at one class per quarter (5 credits) in 3 years I will have done 60 credits; that along with all my college credits from my BSME should get me an accounting degree of some sort.  I hope to work part time for the rest of my life, as soon as I can earn enough in accounting to pay my expenses.  I avoid buying anything on credit that I can’t pay off in one month so I’m debt free.

Oh well, it keeps me from crashing on the couch all evening watching old movies and tv shows on DVD.  I got rid of cable tv and no longer can get anything over the antennae, so I just watch DVD’s.  In any case, I love to read, so when I can’t find any DVD to rent I read.

I have an appointment this evening with the naturopathic dietician (that is what I call her since I can’t remember what her title is) to set up my diet.  I am willing to do whatever it takes to avoid getting the diabetes type II.  I do not want to become dependent on drugs, or have the organ damage that diabetes causes.

I’m not biking much this time of year, and I don’t have time anyway with the accounting class. I’m doing 2-3 hours of studying and homework 5-6 evenings a week.  So far the class is great.  I had some trouble getting into the online program they use to do the class, probably more my fault then theirs.  Once I got over my stressing about it, it is going well.  I’ve been into the online class and maneuverd around all through it many times now, so I assume THAT crises is over.

Perpetual student hamster