Did I ever get into how much I dislike change?  Every time a computer program gets “upgraded” it takes time to learn what the hell they did to it.  It never works better, just different.  This sucks time from your life that could have been spent doing something constructive, or even taking a nap, which is more constructive than re-learning something you already knew how to do.

Another change is your income level.  Has it gone up?  For most of us, it has gone down. Ergo, change sucks.  Do you know how to live on this new income level?  Unless you were a poor student putting yourself through college at some point in your life (usually when you were young, but for some of us, repeated at later ages), you may not know how to live on nothing.  That sucks big time, especially if you still have kids dependant on you.

Did you come down with some health issue later in life that required you to change totally the way you eat?  Like, maybe making you pay close attention to EVERYTHING you eat?  This sucks big time also.  Though not so much if you were already changing the way you eat and don’t mind eating healthier.  Still, it was much nicer to just eat what you felt like without having to think about it.  I personally do not like taking an hour to buy groceries because I have to stand there and try to read the stupid ingredientls list on EVERYTHING I buy.  I should bring a magnifying glass.

How about if your career that you spent thousands of dollars going to college to learn no longer has any jobs for you?  That sucks big time also.  Want to change careers when you are 60?  Good luck with that.  I’m working on that.  I hope I can get someone to hire me when I graduate at 65.  In any case, maybe I can stave off alzhiemers because I’m learning new stuff until I’m really old.  Old, not odd. Damn this spell check thing.

change sucks for the hamster, she soldiers on