So, I’ve competed 4 assignments in my online accounting class and took the first quiz.  So far, I’m at 100% for grades.  Tonight I’m going to take the test for chapter 1, though, and I’m having a little test anxiety.  The possible points are 50, which is a lot.  I keep reviewing the chapter, and since I have a bad memory, well, that is what stresses me. 

I’m good at open book tests, which since this is an online class, it has to be open book.  No way for instructors to know if you have a book there or not. But my experience is that when a test is open book, they tend to make the questions harder so you don’t have time to look everything up. 

That’s ok, I find that after taking a test from a particular instructor I figure out what type of questions they ask and then I can study for that.  Usually that works, but some instructors are geniuses at being obtuse and for them I never figure out what they might ask and therefore don’t do so well on their tests. 

I was all ready to take the test last night, but when I got home I realized the test is not made available until tonight, Oct 1st!  I was kinda annoyed with myself because I would have gone to the gym if I knew that; its not like the information was’t there, it was, I just didn’t see it.

Ok, next topic:  How is my deck construction going?  Right now I’m waiting on my volunteer professionals to let me know when they can come over to help me get the foundation in.  Foundation means the 4×4 posts, the main beams and the joists.  It all has to be properly attached to the house and the ground and all square.  It’s very reassuring knowing that guys who know what they are doing will be there for the most important part of the construction. 

Once we have the basics built then Ican finish her off myself, at my leisure. The decking and the railings I can do on my own.  It is so exciting to see the big rocks and the bank behind my house.  I’m looking forward to landscaping the areas that will not have decking built back over it. 

Last night I noticed the deer hoofprints going up the bank.  So the local wildlife have found the new path and have been making use of it!  When the deck is replaced I’m not sure whether they will continue to try that route or not.  They have always avoided the deck and gone down on both sides of the bank, bypassing the deck.  It’ll be funny if they use the new deck.  It won’t have any stairs, so they might.

Backyard deer
Urban deer

I looked around the internet and mostly what I found was people who are trying to kill the deer that come into their yards.  Some deer seem to be getting aggressive, and that could be a problem.  I happen to love the deer and think it is a privelege to have them come into my yard.  They should watch out if we ever have one of those major earthquakes or any disaster that makes food unavailable at the grocery store.  In that case, I would be trying to figure out how to have deer sandwiches.

Practical hamster