So anyway, last week I finished a book case I built last winter.  I was so excited to get it built that I immediately hauled it from my garage (last winter), up the stairs (not an easy task, I got a few bruises dragging the thing up two flights of stairs and around several 90 degree turns to get it into its final resting place).  As I was saying, I immediately filled it and its twin (I made two bookcases at the same time!) with books.

My thought was that I would varnish or paint them in the summer out on my deck where I wouldn’t have to worry about the paint fumes, and since it would be summer it would be warm and we do have some dry weeks during August and September.  Well, all plans seem to go awry and this was no exception.

I had also decided somewhat simultaneously that my deck was so far gone with rot that to avoid personal injury  I HAD to tear it out and replace it, this summer of course.  What is that saying?  Anything that can go wrong will?  No, thats not it; I think it goes: Anything that can go wrong will do so at the time that will cause the most inconvenience.  Something like that.

Whatever.  Anyway, I don’t have any deck at the moment and I decided I couldn’t stand looking at those bookcases another winter in their half-completed condition, so last week I pulled everything off the first one and went at it.  Sanding, puttying up the last little cracks, putting the first coat of paint on (I did decide to paint them, even though I usually varnish stuff I make because I like the look of wood grain and the knots in the wood), sanding and then painting with the final coat.

White, I painted them white. Well, the walls of the room they are sitting in are a version of white, so I decided to just go with that.  Besides, in my bedroom I decided to try to get away from the all-white decor of my home but the shade of green I selected turned out to be way too dark, so instead of re-painting my bedroom in a lighter color I put all white stuff in there.  It makes a nice contrast and I’m ok with that.

This is what I wanted my bedroom to look like

This is what I wanted my bedroom to look like

The trim is white, the doors are white and I have some decorative type shelves that are white.  Also the floor to ceiling curtains over a sliding glass door are white.  Makes it a little brighter.  I’m all for doing whatever takes the least effort and expense and makes it look like that was what I intented to do all along.

So, doesn’t this green bedroom look nice?  That was the look I was going for.  Sigh, some of us just do not have the home design gene, or the money to pay someone else who does have it.

This hamster soldiers on 🙂