Oh, I wish that I could have more positive thoughts on this march.  I wish I could say that they rallied the unemployed, those without health insurance, those whose homes have been foreclosed, those who can no longer afford a college education.

I wish I could believe that we will find a way out of our nations economic and moral collapse.  I wish I could believe that we will rally to save our lands and coastal regions from ecological disaster.  I wish I could believe that we are going to put as much money and effort into turning our economy from an oil based import economy to a renewable resources exporting economy that we put into going to the moon. 

But I don’t; as much as I try to tell myself things will get better and we still have the framework of a democray, I can’t blind myself to what I see happening both to myself and to so many around this once proud nation.

If you want to read the most coherent and clear explanation of what is going on, read Chris Hedges comments on truthdig, published today.

College grad can't get a job - this is me

This cartoon is from the Seattle Times or the Bellingham Herald, I forget which

  I identify with this cartoon.  I have a job working in an office, doing work I could have done with just a high school diploma.  And I’m lucky to have this job.  It pays more than the janitor jobs or the security guard jobs I applied for when I realized I could not get another engineering job.  I find myself hesitating to encourage my kids to get college degrees anymore.  For what job?  Then they will have to pay off the student loans.  I don’t know what to tell them.

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