Me, before I knew I forgot my purse

Me, before I knew I forgot my purse

Well, so this morning I managed to leave for work 10 minutes earlier than usual, I was feeling pretty good about that, as I use the extra time before work, at work, to study for my accounting class. But let me tell you the rest of the story.

Ok, so I have a crappy memory and that is a big part of what happened.  No, it is not because I’m 60.  I’ve always had a poor memory, in fact when I was younger it was worse, much worse.  There were times when complete strangers would come up to me and say hello, in that tone that you sense that they know you.  But I had no memory of ever meeting them; sometimes they would tell me a long story about how we met and the conversation we had, etc, etc., and still I did not have any shred of memory about them. 

It was spooky to me, and many people probably thought I was very weird.  I could go into the story about why my memory is so bad, but I’ll save it for another time.  In any case, I used to keep notes taped all over the inside of my door so I would have to see them before leaving the house and that was how I functioned.  When not at home I would always have a note in my pocket next to where I keep my car keys so that I knew what I had to do that day and where I needed to go.

Well, enough of that.  As I said, I am much better today, but I still do not trust my memory.  Hence, the issue with the automatic garage door opener and closer.  Every morning I push the little button and the garage door opens. Then I back out, carefull not to hit my truck which is next to the driveway.  Then I stop next to the truck and push the little button to close the garage door. 

Wait, there is more to this, life is complicated, no?  So, my garage door is 35 years old and the opener and its rail tracks are old and do not operate so well.  Sometimes I push the little button and the door closes about 3/4 of the way and then stops and reverses itself, opening up all the way.

So, I have to sit there and wait and be sure it has closed all the way before leaving.  There is the crux of the problem.  If I am listening to the radio, which I usually am, I may be running on automatic as they say, and not embedding in my mind that the door did close all the way.

Then I drive away and about two blocks away I start to try to remember if I actually saw the door close all the way.  If I can’t remember that image of a closed door that morning, I have to turn around and drive back to my house and check.  I only hope my neighbors are not looking out their windows, as I feel embarrased about doing this, but it is the only way to get peace of mind for the day.

So this morning, I was so proud of myself for getting the dishes washed, making my lunch, feeding the cats and dumping the kitty poop from the litter boxes, getting my gym bag ready and my ipod charged up. 

At 6:50 am, there I was, 2 1/2 miles from home and I stopped at the store for a snack before going to work, and guess what?  I had forgotten my purse!  No drivers license, no money, no cell phone.  All of which I need to get through the day.  I was so annoyed.  So much for getting away early.

The hamster is not amused.