Neighborly means respecting your neighbors and not inflicting your taste in music and power tools on their ears.

Greenland Lake, North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park (6)

You know, the answer to this question depends somewhat on what you expect from your neighbors. Some people want to be good friends with their neighbors, and in this respect I guess I fall pretty short of the mark. I'm not mean or anything, I just don't "click" with my neighbors and so while I am polite I'm not interested in getting close enough to exchange phone numbers or house keys.

I keep my property neat, clean and free of clutter and junk, unlike the neighbor on my west side. I found a dead mouse last week between our houses and am suspicious they are breeding in the piles of junk tires, falling over piles of "firewood" and old car parts. I don't feel warm and fuzzy about those neighbors.

I am quiet, which is a quality that I prefer in my neighbors, and do not always get. I prefer non-noise making, non-gasoline guzzling tools for mowing and triming. Most of my neighbors use all the power equipment they can find and I don't care to listen to the chain saws, power mowers, and leaf blowers when I am out trying to enjoy my yard.

My house, decks and porch are kept painted, maintained and have NO clutter or junk anywhere. I like neat. However, I do prefer a more natural landscape, so am gradually eliminating my "lawn" which is more moss than grass due to the large Douglas firs shading my entire property. I refuse to dump fertilizers and tons of water on it to maintain a useless piece of inedible lawn that doesn't want to be there anyway.

So what do you think? Am I a good neighbor?

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