So anyway, I know there are many out there who have cats and love them, like I do.  I like their semi-independence; they hang out with us and accept our offerings of food and shelter, but don’t hesitate to tell us to bug off when they aren’t in the mood for our attention. I respect that.  I also think they are very pretty creatures, with the softest fur and very cool colorings and patterns.

All that said, uh, there is the cat poop; if you have an indoor cat like myself (I have two).  Cat poop is an at least once a day item, or twice a day if I really want to keep the odor at a minimum to non-existant state. 

Now one of the things I don’t like about dogs is you have to walk them at least twice a day and pick up AND CARRY the poop, or if you are lucky and have a fenced yard, you still have to go out once a week or so and pick up the dog poop. 

Kitty in litter box

Good Kitty, good kitty!

Now, outdoor cats are polite and bury their poop; I confess, this is one of the qualities that draws me to cats.  How polite is that?  Have you ever walked into your house with cat poop on your shoes?  No!  It is nicely covered up.  However house cats do their best in this regard, there just is not enough dirt inside your house (hopefully) to bury a years worth of kitty poop.  So there you go.  You personally have to pick it up and carry it out somewhere. 

Options for Kitty litter boxes are limited

Options for Kitty litter boxes are limited

Not unlike walking a dog or picking dog poop off your lawn.  An unpleasant task.  One must have strong feelings for their pet to consign said self to do this for 10-20 years.  I cleaned my sons’ poopy diapers for about 2 years, but that only lasted a couple of years.  The kitty poop issue lasts as long as you have the cat.

Oh well, I have a good sized house and can put the litter boxes in the basement where I don’t spend so much time, and can take care of the poop once or twice a day.  So that works out well for me.

Well, so much for the poop.  ‘Nuff said.

The hamster is cautious around the kitties