So, if you have checked out my deck saga over time, you would know that for several weeks now the deck has been completely removed from my house and yard.  It did take about 6 trips to the recycle place with my pickup truck to haul it all away.  That ran about $12.50 up to $16.00 per trip, so I estimate it cost $80.00 plus gas of course. 

I’m sure it would have cost a GREAT deal more to pay someone to do the demolition.  Whew! It was a huge deck, plus 2 sets of stairs.  The dimensions of the deck were approximately (it varied, as the deck butted up against the big rocks that comprise my bank) 15 feet out from the house to the entire length of the house, about 60 feet, or 900 square feet.  Also a lot of railing.

So, anyway, I have some very nice helpful professionals who are going to put up the structural part of the deck, probably this weekend (in this part of the world any outdoor projects depend on whether it is raining and how hard it is raining).  They were going to do it last weekend, but it poured rain on Saturday and all night, so they called it off for that Sunday.  Unfortunately, it then perversly decided not to rain.  Oh well, its all a guessing game where weather is concerned. 

Wanna see what my dream is for the new deck?  Lemme see if I can find a picture on the internet, as the deck is still on paper:

Ok, I couldn’t find anything like my yard or deck-to-be.  I will post some photos as soon as the structural part is up and you will get the idea. 

Here's a cute kitty picture to hold you over till I get a deck photo.

Here's a cute kitty picture to hold you over till I get a deck photo.

  So, this very cute kitty will keep you company until sometime next week, maybe Monday, when I can take pictures of the structural portion of my new decks. 

PS: The hamster has to take a few days off the news, I found myself yelling some very bad words at the radio this morning.  The world is insane, or at least it is run by psychopaths, so you can imagine how hard it would be to stay sane if you lived in a mental hospital surrounded by people who have no idea of reality, right?  Enjoy the kitty

Oh, I almost forgot: yesterday I tookk the quiz for chapter 3 in my online accounting class – only missed one question.  I’m good with that! Sunday I’ll be taking the chapter 3 test.  I love learning new stuff!  Hopefully I can earn a living from this sometime in the future.

Stay sane, stay aware:  The hamster is in recovery from todays news