This looks pretty good. More tress would be nice though.

Mountain Cabin

Not as much as I would have done with it 20 years ago. It doesn't buy so much anymore. Ok, I would take half of it and pay off any loans (I don't have many anymore, but I owe my mom money now, thanks mom!). I would replace my 15 year old car with something a little newer, although I would not buy a brand new car. I'm thinking a 2 year old Subaru Forester would be nice. Then I'd find a couple of acres in the mountains and buy some land where I could get away from the city and city noise. I have a thing about quiet, and it is hardly ever quiet enough for me. I just want to hear the wind in the trees and the birds, maybe a stream burbling over rocks as it goes downhill. Ok, I'd give some to my favorite charities, the local food bank and Planned Parenthood and a few others.

All that would still leave at least $500,000. I'd then quit work and just do volunteer work. I'd keep taking classes as I'm doing now in accounting, as I love to learn new things, and you never know – the way things are going the money may not be work anything in a few years.

Well, thats it.

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