Ok, has anyone else attempted to pick a prescription for their 80-something parent?  I did yesterday, and it was no walk in the park, I can tell you.  If I hear or read anyone make that inane statement that “We have the best health care system in the world” today, I tell you, I will punch them in the face.  Wanna hear how it went? Remember, this didn’t even include trying to see the doctor or god forbid, talk to his royal highness on the phone.

Ok, so it all started on Sunday.  I took mom to the local Walgrens, (none of this was their fault, I just thought I’d say) and mom takes out her prescription.  I did wonder how she managed to hang on to that, they always take that away from me when I get a prescription filled. Anyway, she had it, and  on it, it said “6 refills”.  So guess what?  Our problems started right there. 

I should tell you, besides being 86 and not remebering stuff so well, mom doesn’t take many medications.  In fact, she doesn’t take any, no I’m not kidding, she doesn’t even take aspirin or anything.  This stuff is prescription eyedrops.  Anyway, she pulls this thing out and hands it to the pharmacist and asks for her refill.  He looks at it and says, “You can only get 6 refills within a year and this is expired”. 

I knew that little fine print detail, having run across it myself once, but mom, never having taken anything for as long as a year before this, did not.  It said 6 refills and she logically thought that meant 6 refills.  Ha, you know how it goes, the big print gives it to you and the small print takes it away.

So that was just the start of our saga.  The pharmacist guy said he would fax the doctor on Monday and get him to renew the prescription and I said I could pick it up after work.  So not being a total fool, I called Walgrens about 11:00 on Monday to see if they had the doc’s approval and the eyedrops.

Well they hadn’t faxed him yet, so they said “We’ll fax him right now”.  So I believe they did.  About 3:00 I called again, to see if the eyedrops were ready to pick up. 

“No, we haven’t heard back from the doctor yet”, was the response.  Ok, so I had to go out and pick up office supplies for the place I work and I happened to be close to the Walgren’s in question, so I ran in, this was about 4:00. 

“No, we still haven’t heard from the doctor”, was the response. 

“We’ll call them for you.”  So, I hung around for about 15 minutes while the doctors office had the pharmacist on hold.  Yes, he was actually on hold, I could see him multi-tasking and he had the phone wedged between his ear and his shoulder all this time.  I hope he didn’t get cramps from that.

He finally gets someone on the phone.  “The doctor isn’t in today, they will try to get another doctor to approve the renewal for the eyedrops and call us back.”  It will be about an hour probably.

So, I leave, figuring I’d finish my errands and call them back.  So about 5:00 I call Walgren’s again and go through the requisite annoying phone robot to get to a person in the pharmacy.

Then, TRIUMPH!  “Yes, your mom’s prescription was approved and we can have it ready for you right away.”  Woah!  I was about 15 minutes away at that point, so that gave them time. I drive there, run inside and get the eyedrops, then drive them over to mom’s and drop them off.

Well, I gotta go, off to work. 

Stay cool, the hamster has your back