Soooo, on Sunday I came home after running my elderly mom around on errands.  I took my little container of kitchen recyclables out to my compost box in the back yard.  Then, as it has been getting colder and we have had some freezing nights, I took the little foam box thing out to cover the hose bib on the backside of the house.  So, I was standing there, this was a new one and it fastened differently than the old hose bib cover.  I was fiddling with it, figuring out how it attached; it had a little plastic screw thing (show me something that isn’t plastic) that fit through a center hole and I was supposed to fit a plastic washer over it and then screw a little cap on to tighten the whole thing.

Well, it didn’t take very long to figure out and fit it snugly over the hose bib. I was standing there for about a half second feeling good about myself – first, I remembered to put the little insulation box thing on before my pipes could freeze, and second, I figured out how to do something new!  So proud, what can I say, I’m easily impressed by myself.

Then, I turn to my right to go around a pile of the lumber still sitting behind my house (no, I’m not finished with the decks, but I AM making progress), and what do I see laying about 6 inches from the house and 2 feet from my feet?  OH MY GOD, it was a dead rabbit!  Not just any dead rabbit; I mean there could have been a rabbit that just flopped down there and died of old age.  Or a sick rabbit could have hidden from a raccoon behind the lumber and just keeled over from not washing its paws or something. 

But NO! This rabbit was laying there, with its guts all over the place.  I was so grossed out.  I just left it there and walked quickly back around the house and up the stairs.  I gotta tell you, it was gross.  I have seen gross stuff on the road, but that is usually when I am in my car (not standing next to the deceased), and whizzing by at 35 – 60 miles an hour.  Those can be gross too, but how many seconds do your eyes have to absorb what you see?  Probably less than one second. 

I was frozen in place behind my house for a couple of seconds, going “EWW!”, “UCK!”, “Gross!”, “Oh my God!”, and suchlike before I decided to just leave it and go back inside.  It was in the back after all and no one is likely to see it except me. 

This is Thursday, and I’m hoping some wild animal has decided to eat it or drag it off to someone else’s house by now.  I haven’t been back to check all week.  Yes, I have been really busy, and it has been dark by the time I get home most days.  Besides, I just didn’t want to deal with it. 

The hamster, EWWW!