I had an odd Halloween.  It was ok for me, but you might find it booorrrriinnng.  Just warning you.  I am not an exciting person to be around, although I have been told I have a wry sense of humor.  In defense of what some consider boring, I will never freak out on you either.  I live on a pretty even keel and manage my moods without a lot of external assistance or drugs, thank you very much. 

Calm in the forest

Calm in the forest

So, Halloween day was influenced a lot by the day before which was Saturday.  To explain, I have been volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity house construction in Ferndale, about 10 miles or so north of Bellingham. 

Women working on Habitat House

Women working on Habitat House

We have really lucked out on the weather on Saturdays, having dry sunny days for 3 Saturdays in a row now.  (Today it is pouring rain, the normal state around here most of the year.)

So I worked, doing physical labor all day, which is not a problem, and I was dressed for the day; so I was warm enough and dry, no problem.  But somehow or other, on Sunday I get up and I have a headache and feel like I’m coming down with a cold.  That totally sucked, as I needed to take the accounting test for chapter 5 and work on the project that is due on November 5. 

I also had to pick up mom from the retirement home for the day.  It is hard enough to get her to understand that I am switching days on her, but to totally miss a weekend is just too difficult for her and I feel too guilty to enjoy my time, so there you are.  Don’t lecture me on I am the only one who can make me feel guilty, I know that is what people say, but it is what it is.

Trick or treating kids

Trick or treating kids

So anyway, there I was on Sunday, Halloween, with a headachy feeling and just wanting to take a nap about an hour after I got up, with all this accounting homework and a test, and mom. 

I gotta say, I learned back when I was a single mom putting myself through an engineering degree in college with 2 small boys that when you have more to do than you know you can do, you just start putting one foot in front of the other (metaphorically speaking) and do it.  Sooner or later you get to the other side.  Keep an eye on the clock, take a break when you have to and don’t quit until you are done.  So it was that kind of day. 

By evening, when the little costumed critters came out and were seeking their share of goodies, I was wiped out and just wanted to crash on the floor with a fuzzy blanket over my head and sleep (my mom appropriated the couch) I could have taken a nap on my bed, but I prefer to nap on the floor.  Must have been all those years of poverty influencing me, what can I say.

But I had bought candy for the halloweeners and I can’t eat it myself, so I was torn.  I put a bowl out for them on the top of the stairs (did I say I have one of those 70’s split level style homes, so to go to the door I have to go down a flight of stairs – not something I really felt like doing in my sleepy headachy condition).

Well, as it turned out I found out about 8:00 pm that my porch light wasn’t on, and did I mention we don’t have any street lights on my street?  We are outside the city limits and while the county put streetlights on many other streets near us, we don’t have any.  No problem for me, but if I was a 10 year old trick or treater I might choose not to go down this street.

So the result was we only got one batch of treaters, from next door.  They have 7 kids and they know me, so they had no fear coming to my dark porch!  Their mom also had a great very bright flashlight, which was wise of her.

All in all, the day was tough due my feeling crappy, but I passed the test – it wasn’t one of my best scores but was acceptable, I got some homework done and got mom safely back to her domicile at the usual 8:00pm time.

So there ya go – I told you it would be boring!  hah, hah, hah!

The hamster lives on  . . .. and on, and on . . .