Ok, so yesterday I was sick.  Which for me means that I do pretty much everything I do when I’m not sick, but slower and less efficiently.  As I got older and my kids are grown and on their own, I have really tried to just stop and rest when I get sick, but for 60 years I have been working my ass off just to try to keep up with all you superhuman type A persons out there and it seems that I am not doing such a good job at it.  

I managed to work my ass off while raising two kids and putting myself through engineering school, but I got sick now and then too.  The result was that everyone else seemed to get better grades than me (its really hard to get a 4.0 GPA if you get sick at least twice a year).  You try to study and learn a difficult subject while dragging your sorry ass around with a virus that makes you feel like you have strep or the flu (but you went to the doctor and he/she said you didn’t, he said just to get some rest; ha, ha, that was a good one). 

Unwarranted Optimism

Unwarranted Optimism

Anyway, I have been trying to take it easy now that my life is a little less swamped with stuff I have to do and my current job does not include overtime.  But life gets in the way and our really sucky American economy smacked me really hard in the face.  So, let me inform you on what we 60-somethings do these days. 

I am taking accounting classes online while working full time at a not very well paid job.  I don’t see ever being able to get another engineering job (in HVAC and plumbing design) as it has been 2 years since I have been able to get work even doing a little design and CAD.  So the accounting class takes up at least 5 evenings a week for 2 hours, plus 3 – 4 hours on the weekend. 

In addition, I am the only female in my family, and so it has fallen to me to take care of mom.  Since she has money, that means she lives in a retirement home and I have her EVERY freakin’ weekend for one entire day.  She is 86 and not happy about it.  So I deal with her depression and take her around on various little outings, like out to get ice cream and visits to the park.  This cuts into my time, as I cannot go hiking for a 2 day backpack, and any studying has to fit into the mom outings.  Since she walks really slow now, any outing takes a lot of time.

Then my boss where I work now volunteered to do a Habitat for Humanity house, and as that is something I have wanted to do for years (but never had the time), I decided to volunteer also.  BUT, since I am taking the accounting class and take care of mom, I don’t have much time, so I’m doing the construction work every other weekend.

Add to that, my deck was literally rotting out from under me, so as I have documented on this blog I have been working on that as much as I can, which is slow going. 

So anyway, if some asshole doesn’t destroy the power grid or this country sink into anarchy, which it kinda looks like it could, in 4 years I will have a 2-year accounting degree and if there are any companies still in business at that time, I might be able to get an accounting type job. 

So much for pollyanna optimism, ha, ha.

Remember: “Just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. ”  

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