Snowy cabin in the woods

Snowy cabin in the woods

Hi there.  So, last night I went home and worked on my chapter 9 assignments.  They are really slamming us with projects and homework, I guess for the rest of the quarter.  I get reprieve about December 15 until January 3 when the new quarter starts. 

I was a happy camper though, all my columns added correctly and balanced, as they say.  I have to jump around and do a little dance each time that happens!  Scares my cats, but it feels so good!

Tonight I’ll be plunging into the accounting program they use, called Peachtree.  Anyone ever heard of that?  I’ve only heard of Quickbooks and Quicken.  Anyway, I hope all goes well.  Computer programs can be such a pain until you learn how to use a new one.

Accounting stuff - don't let the technical lingo scare you off.

Accounting stuff

Well, I’m planning my time between school quarters.  I think I will take a little 3 day weekend off by myself to just sit around and do nothing!  That sounds great.  Then I’ll work on my decking.  That sounds like a plan.  I have that nice stack of decking material in my garage, and a bare-naked structural deck out behind my house that is kinda hazardous to walk on right now.  (It’s 5 1/2 feet down to the dirt right out my back door.)

It will be so cool to have a nice new deck and be able to walk from my back door right to the back yard.  Now I (when I don’t feel dare-devish) go out my front door, walk around the house and up the bank to the backyard.  It takes longer than if I had the deck, and there is the bank I have to go up. 

It’s not hard, I’m just saying, it will be nice to have the new deck in.  I’m already looking forward to next summer, being able to sit out there and feel the pride of having built it myself.  Besides, I’m planning some landscaping for the area that used to be underneath the middle part of the deck and now will be exposed.

Ok, thats all for now, the hamster is humming along.