Hah, ha, not really. Well, kinda.  Wednesday night I got to the assignment in my accounting 101 class where we start using the accounting program, Peachtree.  The instructor gave this really simple explanation of how to start up the program on our computers and upload the data files she provided for the assignments. 

Well, guess what?  I could not make it work.  I got the compter program set up and downloaded the data files to my computer. Unzipped them, noted where on my computer I put them.  Then . . . it all went to computer hell.  As is sometimes the case, the problem was not so much the computer, but the operator.  I know this can be the case, but starting a new program is always fraught with stress for me, and when I have a deadline and little time to accomplish it, my stress level goes off the charts.

Which, anyone who knows anything about psychology can tell you, means I was not thinking clearly or seeing everything that was ON MY COMPUTER screen.  Even in my highly stressed state, I knew this could be the case, as every other student in the class was sailing along smoothly, asking questions about how to submit their completed computer assignments, and here I was, not able to even start.  I was very upset, my blood pressure was probably over the top and I was getting a headache. 

I knew I was doing the same thing over and over and it was not working.  You know what they say about that.  So I quit and went off to my living room and watched a DVD with some old Remington Steele shows.  Some mindless entertainment that even made me laugh.  Good medicine.

I then made some phone calls to the Peachtree company, left some messages on the discussion board website for our class, and stopped thinking about it for the night.  That was a relief.

The next day, yesterday, I slogged through possible solutions to my problem, worked on opening my mind to actually see what was in front of me, and guess what?  When I went home from work I found the problem immediately, did my homework and submitted it. 

Now if only I could do that without the prerequisite of the screaming fit, pulling out my hair stuff. . . ..

Albert Einstein
It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

The hamster prevails