So, this weekend, I replaced the blade on my bandsaw.  Pretty cool, huh?  I inherited this saw from my dad; I just realized, I should take a picture of it, and I will tonight.  To put on this blog so you can see what I’m talking about.  I don’t know how old this saw is; my dad had it all my life, and I’m 60.  I suspect he probably bought it in the 40’s, after the war.  WWII for you who were born after the 60’s. 

There is no owners manual for it; if I know my dad, he probably bought it used when he got it.  Like most of his tools he made some modifications to it, so it doesn’t look like it did new anyway.  However, it has the basic bandsaw configuration. I’ll take some pictures tonight.  I had a friend repair the electrical switch last summer.  Electricity makes me nervous, but I think I’ll just have to get over that. 

I have a kitchen light that when I tried to replace the flourescent tube a couple of months ago, I found out the fixture is broken – someone had taped the ends to hold the light tube, but I could not get the tape on well enough to hold the tube in place, so I’m going to replace the fixture when fall quarter classes are over.

So anyway, wanna know what all I did this weekend?  I’m make you a list.  I sometimes think I don’t do much, I guess it comes with growing up in a hyper family where everyone else did so much more.

  • Mom on Saturday.
  • Cleaned the oven (this is a once every 2 years project – not so bad because I don’t bake much)
  • Raked up pine needles in the front yard and carted to the backyard; raked the backyard and did some weeding.
  • Replaced bandsaw blade & cut up some branches to test it out.
  • Changed sheets on my bed (you don’t want to know how infrequently I do this)
  • Washed clothes.
  • Oh, and 2 hours accounting homework on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday.

The hamster keeps busy; I watched a couple hours of old Remington Steele TV shows on Sunday.  That was fun, and played with the cats.