Whoa!  I just checked the weather and its 13 degrees (F)  right now!  Thank god there is no wind at the moment.  Last night they say it got up to 60 mph gusts.  The power went out sometime during the night, I know because all my digital clocks were flashing this morning.  I just re-set them 2 days ago.  I wish they all came with back up batteries, like the one my son bought.  Good job, Tristan. 

Here are the pics I promised (you can all breath now – in, out, in, out, you know the drill).

My new deck structural components with 3" of snow
Deck joists with snow

So, anyway, I get all excited when it snows.  I don’t enjoy driving in it, but I’m a good snow driver, so go figure.  Anyway, the snow is beautiful and I love to snowshoe, walk and just look at it. 

The sun is out today and it is working out to be a beautiful, cold day.